Level : beginners to experienced
Duration : 2 days, 10.00am- 5.00PM
Cost : 150 euros + 30 euros for materials
Course limited to two people

Two day intensive course where you will have the opportunity to create your own design on fabric - either as a piece to be framed or mounted on the wall, for interior decoration, or to be worn as a scarf or simple garment.

It will be possible to try dying, mono-printing and silk-screen printing (go to the photo gallery for examples of these different techniques), with images created with paper and photographic stencils.



Printing demonstration - mono-print and silk-screen.
Project conception - choice of fabric, colours and images. Help will be given with design and ideas if necessary - there is a large library of art books available.
If necessary a ground colour can be created either by dying or mono-printing. Chosen images can then be processed onto silk-screen



Printing onto backgrounds that we prepared on day one; either onto one larger piece of fabric up to 2m x 1m, or onto various smaller pieces, depending on the project.
Fabric will be fixed in a steamer if necessary. There will be a short break for lunch.
This course can be adapted to all levels; beginner through to experienced artists. It is not necessary to have advanced drawing ability since often some of the most beautiful fabrics are abstract and are about colour and texture.
The course could be useful to artists from other disciplines ie. Illustration, ceramics; as a new means of expression; or to someone who is considering following a longer textile course. Or, it can be just two days to relax and experiment, while producing a work of art.


The majority of products that we use are harmless and in everyday use - however, some are more specialised. We take all the health and safety precautions necessary. Please bring an old shirt or overall to protect your clothes; gloves, masks and goggles will be provided where necessary.

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