DOLLI is born!


DOLLI is a new generation rag doll. Hand printed on cotton with water based inks she can be personalized to make your own one off creation. Only basic sewing skills are required (can be sewn by hand, but may take a little longer!). Her 'hair' is made of strips of old fabric or knitting, which can then be styled by tying, plaiting or wrapping. A simple square of old fabric can be knotted to create her clothes. Use fabric pens to decorate the printed body and make-up her face. Be inspired by the photos, with ideas for colours, patterns and accessories to make your doll truly individual!

China Doll and Dolly Bird in many different guises

 All the instructions are included in the packet, but here are some extra tips and ideas:

tips and ideas for China Dolli

and for dolli Bird.....

Dolli Bird tips

 and for vintage dolli...

 vintage scarf dolli

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